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for Outer East Portland

¡Hola mi gente y bienvenidos! Thank you for visiting my campaign website. My name is Andrea Valderrama, and I’m running to represent my community members - you! - in HD 47 as state representative and the first Peruvian American legislator. Join my campaign as we work together to build a more racially and socially equitable Oregon for all.

¡ Gracias por su apoyo !


My values are rooted  in the four, Incan  communal principles of ayni, yachay, munay, and  ll’ankay.



I was proud to direct American Rescue Plan Act dollars into our district by allocating funding to Rosewood Equitable Neighborhood Development ($1,150,000), APANO Property Acquisition Fund ($350,000), and East Portland Prosperity Initiative ($500,000).


platform  &  agenda

My platform is rooted in my Incan communal values, and my legislative and budget priorities are all based in racial, economic, disability, climate, and gender justice. Through my values I am able to address pressing issues that continue to disproportionately impact our communities and neighborhoods in House District 47. I have eight priority areas - learn more about them below.


Merkley_Jeff-031317-JHK-011 (5).jpeg

Jeff Merkley

U.S. Senator for Oregon

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Kayse Jama


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Khanh Pham

Oregon State Representative

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 1.33.43 PM.png

Tawna Sanchez

Oregon State Representative

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