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Economic Prosperity.

Fair pay and safe working conditions are essential for every worker, and especially for Black and Brown communities and women. Recovering from the COVID 19 pandemic will require equitable economic support to workers most in need.

Building a Racially Just Economy.

I am committed to building a more equitable, caring economy by strengthening protections for workers, ensuring that workers are compensated fairly for their work, and driving down costs associated with education, child care, housing, and healthcare that currently put tremendous strain on working families.

As a single mother, I understand how challenging it can be to find affordable, culturally affirming childcare. Like many other parents, I’ve also experienced the difficulties of distance and home learning that the pandemic has created for us. Without more robust social safety nets, Black and Brown and low income parents will continue to experience barriers to resources and opportunities to thrive.


Living Wages for All.

We all deserve to be able to live in the cities and neighborhoods we love without constant worry of having to choose between paying rent and purchasing basic necessities like food and hygiene products.

In 2021, I was proud to support Leave No Worker Behind and in 2022, I am sponsoring Farmworker Overtime and Cost of Living Payments to Low Wage Workers. These bills work to foster wage equity for our community members that have been pushed to the margins by gendered and racist policies.

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