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Interactions with law enforcement and ICE too often result in violence, trauma, or death for Black and Brown communities. Reforming our criminal justice system and rooting out white supremacy and white nationalism from our neighborhoods is essential to fostering safe communities. Instead of investing in mass incarceration, we must invest in restorative justice and accessible resources for our most vulnerable community members.

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This legislative session I’m proud to be sponsoring SB 1510 Transforming Justice and SB 1543 Universal Representation. 


  • Transforming Justice limits police traffic stops and arrests for low-level offenses and requires training for probation and parole officers in de-escalation and in providing trauma informed, and culturally specific services. 

  • Oregonians who are immigrants and refugees, especially BIPOC immigrants and refugees, experience increased immigration enforcement that includes racial profiling, detention, family separation, and deportation back to countries where they have fled violence. Universal Representation ensures that immigrants and refugees facing deportation hearings are provided legal counsel. 

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