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Mi  nombre

It's nice to meet you.

My friends and family call me Drea, and my pronouns are ella, she, and her. You might be wondering how I got here and who you are voting for - I’m excited to tell you a little bit about me and my journey!

I started my advocacy as a student and worked in coalitions to pass tuition equity and sanctuary laws. I continued my advocacy as a community member and worked with a broad set of stakeholders to pass mandatory relocation assistance and public campaign financing in the City of Portland.

I successfully championed and passed comprehensive birth control dispensing in the David Douglas School District (DDSD) school based health clinic and ended all contracts with school resource officers (SROs) on school grounds.

I’ve also served as liaison to the City of Portland Budget Office and Housing Bureau and have overseen DDSD’s budget and policies as a former Senior Policy Advisor to the Mayor and current Chair of the David Douglas School Board, respectively.  In addition to my legislative duties, I currently serve as the Strategic Planning and Initiative Director with the ACLU of Oregon.

Meet Drea

In the Oregon State Legislature,
I serve on the following committees:

Joint Committee on Ways and Means

House Committee on Rules

House Committee on Housing


Legislative Session Recap Reports

a  little  more
about me...

I’m a resident of outer East Portland and also a mamá to my daughter Rosalía. I not only deeply care about the systemic inequities that our communities have experienced due to decades of racist and classist planning and policies - I experience them in my daily life.

I align my platform with values of racial, gender, and economic justice. I’m committed to the intentional work of dismantling white supremacist systems of oppression that have harmed our Black, Indigenous, AAPI, Latine, People of Color, queer, disabled, and immigrant and refugee communities.

We are brilliant and vibrant beyond our resilience, and we deserve to flourish and thrive.


when  I'm  not
working ...

You can find me doing some of the things I love the most: Eating tacos, buying a concha from the panadería and reading (because self care!), watering my houseplants, searching for new bookstores, and playing Millenial Lotería with my daughter

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